Preston Richey



  • p4ktldr: Pitchfork TL;DR.
  • Rotten Trumpatoes: A website that shows a movie that's doing about as well as the president.
  • They LinkedIn: A Chrome extension that lets you see through the LinkedIn jargon.
  • @menemnesa: A Twitterbot that responded, "It is known..."
  • @bronnerbot: A Twitterbot that tweets like a Dr. Bronner's bottle.
  • @roadkillbot: A Twitterbot to remind people to clean up dead Meerkats.
  • @E29DA4: A Vinebot that commented rainbow hearts on Westboro Baptist Church Vines.


  • Textmoji: Make :rad: custom emoji for your Slack team
  • Carmen: A Chatbot that helps Barkley partners find their way.
  • Color Composer: An interactive installation for the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.
  • Mapkins Machine: An Arduino-powered vending machine that dispenses Mapkins for a text.
  • @canizen: A Twitterbot that shows if one of Barkley's Zen Rooms is available.
  • Roshambot: An artificially intelligent disembodied hand that plays rock-paper-scissors.