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2019 was my first full year in New York, and I spent it mostly honeymooning: exploring the city by foot, bike, moped, train; falling in love with its parks, beaches, and museums; eating and drinking too much (duh). The rest, I enjoyed trips to Mexico City, Portland, Providence, Chicago, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam. A year busy and full. I’m very lucky.

It was personally productive as well: I wrote 6 blog posts (twice as many as the year before), launched p4ktldr (?), started an email newsletter, and began cleansing and moisturizing daily (even using a serum once in a while!). There’s always more to do, but amidst the craziness I’m happy I found the time to work on personal projects as well.

At times, my goals went by the wayside: I started the year intending to write at least one blog post a month and only got halfway there; I started my email newsletter in March but only sent out 3 updates in the following months; I joined a gym but could count the times I actually went on both hands; I intended to start going to a talk therapist but never reached out to any. I have a lot of work to do, but I’m proud of where I’m at and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in 2020.

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Post CRJ live

Rather than agonizing over a faithful and complete recounting of my year, I’m going to save us both the time and effort. Below is a list of my favorite things from 2019, (mostly) in no particular order. You can pick between the short, medium, or long list. Click the links below if you’d like to see more or less. I promise you won’t hurt my feelings anyhow. 😉

Short List | Medium List | Long List


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Thanks for being here with me. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.